What First Timers Can Expect at The Spa Facility?

If it is your first time at the hotel spa then here are some tips to help you.

Before you go…

  • Spas differ from one another, so do some research to ensure that the amenities offered are suitable to your needs.
  • If it is vacation time then book early for the treatment because they fill quickly.
  • If you have preference for female or male aesthetician then clarify it, while making an appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine and heavy meal prior your visit.
  • If you need to shave then do it 24 hours prior your scheduled appointment, especially for an exfoliation treatment.

  • Arrive half an hour early before your appointment because you are new and need to get accustomed to the spa environment. If the hotel has a sauna or pool, you can enjoy it.

When you are there…

  • Let the reception know about your arrival and request for a tour of their facility. Staff will offer robe and slippers. You can even enjoy hot shower before changing.
  • You will need to fill medical questionnaire. You will need to fill your medical conditions, allergies, and sensitivities. You may be taking medications for skin, so be clear about this in your form filling.

What to expect from nail treatment…

  • Manicure takes 30 minutes and pedicure gets completed in 45 minutes. Never cut nail prior manicure appointment. The technician can find it short and will not be able to file the nail properly. Tell the technician, if you prefer round or square filed nails and which nail polish colour you want to be applied.
  • Make sure that the nail polish gets ample time for settling. Avoid washing hands as the polish can get deteriorated.

What to expect from massage…

  • You may feel a little embarrassed to get undressed but the technician will offer privacy to get ready. When they go out you can undress and slip under the towel or sheet lying on the massage table. Massage will start in face down position but a little later, you will be requested to flip over.
  • During the massage tell the technician, which areas to massage, pressure preferences and in case you feel discomfort or pain …speak up!

  • You may even fall asleep but don’t feel embarrassed. You don’t need to move out hurriedly, as soon as the massage gets completed. Take time, relax, and let your body enjoy this moment.
  • Drink plenty of water after massage and facial that will help flush toxins.
  • You may feel sore the next day but after going under a hot shower, it will generally go away.

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