Top Reasons Why You Should Have Good Posture

Do you have a habit of slouching every time you sit down? Has anybody called your attention to your poor posture? These comments may seem annoying to the ears, but people around you are trying to prove a point. Your posture can determine your body’s reaction while doing several things that require you to exert more effort than usual. For severe posture problems, you may consider visiting a professional who specialises in posture correction in Canary Wharf for more visible results. Meanwhile, here are the reasons why we should maintain good posture at all times.

Maintain good balance

Poor posture affects your balance because every muscle in your body has to work harder to keep you upright at all times. Poor posture will make your muscle tight, which results in less flexibility making mobility a significant issue.

Good quality of life

Having good posture means that you can do many things and outdoor activities with less difficulty as compared to people with bad posture. Good posture also prevents you from experiencing premature wear and tear of joints and ligaments.

Healthier organs

Having poor posture whether you are sitting or standing can affect major body parts such as your lungs and heart since your body’s air supply might be compromised at some point. If you want to maintain healthy bodily functions, always make sure that you are sitting in an upright position as often as possible.

Better mood

Having good posture can have a significant influence on your mood and emotions. People who develop scoliosis and slipped discs are often in pain. Since you cannot rely on painkillers all the time, you tend to be in a bad mood which can affect your work and personal life.

What are the factors that affect good posture?

Sitting in front of the computer for long periods

People who work in an office can develop poor posture over time because of sitting at their desks for extended periods of time. Make sure to request an office chair that is ergonomic and will keep you comfortable.

Spending too much time using mobile phones and other gadgets

It would be best if you disciplined yourself to limit your mobile phone usage to one or two hours a day. Should you decide to watch videos or play games, make sure that you are seated comfortably to avoid straining your back and neck muscles.

Poor sleeping position

An old and saggy mattress can cause your back and neck to suffer leading to poor posture. To prevent this from happening to you, it is better to buy a new one every five to seven years. Make sure that your mattress is firm for you to have a good night and pain-free sleep.

Maintaining good posture can also help improve your confidence as you work harder to strengthen your back, neck and core muscles. Enrol in a local gym if you have time to workout or invest in a wearable posture corrector that can help you feel better after a few days. If you have scoliosis and other severe back problems, then make sure to consult a professional.

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