Three Main Causes of Wrinkles

Nobody wants to look in the mirror and find a facial crease. Those fine lines are visible signs of aging. Regardless of your age, even a few fine lines and wrinkles can make you look older than your actual age. So how do wrinkles form? Understanding what causes wrinkles provides you the ability to stop these unsightly lines from forming. If you can have wrinkles you cannot avoid, you should learn the solutions that suit you best to eliminate these crinkles and restore your younger look. Here’s how you can get wrinkles:

Facial Expressions

Using your facial muscles can move and scrunch the skin. After many years, such movements can start to leave creases in the skin. At a young age, you will have enough collagen and elastin to make sure your skin will bounce back. However, as the production of these proteins diminishes, the wrinkles that form when you frown, laugh, and smile will stay.

There is no way we can avoid facial expressions. But, we can use a muscle-relaxing injectable botox medecin injecteur can help with this. Botox eases targeted muscles, causing the dynamic wrinkles to disappear for up to four months. Aside from eliminating wrinkles in the short term, Botox helps in preventing the formation of deeper wrinkles.

Too Much Exposure to the Sun

The harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can penetrate the surface of the skin, breaking elastin and collagen down. Collage is important to making a strong skin foundation, offering skin tissues a tight look. To avoid too much exposure to UV rays, wear a high SPF sunscreen at all times every day.

Aging Process

The aging process can cause the appearance of wrinkles. After you reach the age of 40, your body will reduce its normal collagen and elastin production. Thus, your skin will lose volume, sinks on your face, or loses firmness. These changes can be exacerbated by the natural loss of fat, combined with factors like weight fluctuations, smoking, and illness.

Although the aging process is unstoppable, you can use innovative products and techniques that your plastic surgeon can recommend. These are designed to help in restoring the lost volume and boosting the collagen production in the body. For instance, fillers can plump the skin while stimulating collagen production to help you enjoy long-term improvements. Also, hydrating facials and products that contain hyaluronic acid can keep your skin looking smooth and young.

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