Reasons Why a Person Suffers from a Poor Vision

Vision of a person depends on the smooth functioning of optical nerves and neural factors. It even depends upon the health of retina and its focus in the eye. Eye disorders are the basic cause of low vision.

Here are few prominent causes affecting the eye vision of a person –

  • Macular degeneration – This ailment affects the retina. Retina plays a major role in promoting clear visual. The macula in the center of the retina deteriorates resulting in blur vision. It causes difficulty in reading and the person senses some dark spots in the path of vision. Retina becomes weak which mainly happens due to old age known as dry form. In the wet form, the degradation of retina happens quite fast due to abnormal growth of blood vessels under the macula which leaks blood and fluid. Even cigarette smoking and malnutrition play role in reducing the strength of retina.

  • Diabetic retinopathy – People suffering from severe diabetes experience blurred vision. This happens because tiny branches of blood vessels around retina leak. The leakage of fluid and blood damages the retina. Laser and surgical treatment are done to improve the functions of retina however blood sugar needs to be controlled.
  • Retinitis Pigmentosa – This ailment reduces the night vision gradually. Later on, the person endures blindness. It is an inherited disease which can occur at any age.
  • Amblyopia – It happens when the vision related parts of the body stops developing in early childhood. Unfortunately, the blurred vision of eyes can’t be rectified permanently by simple process like wearing eye lenses.
  • Retinopathy of prematurity – The eye disease occurs in prematurely born infants.
  • Retinal detachment – This happens when retina separates from the underlying layer. This can cause total vision loss in the affected eye. This could be due to hole in retina, eye trauma, infection of eyes, inappropriate way forming of blood vessel or tumor.

  • Cataract – It can be simply explained as cloudy formation before the lens of the eyes. This blur in vision can be caused due to age old symptoms, over exposure to ultraviolet rays of Sun, genetic disorder or due to infection of eyes.
  • Glaucoma – Increase in the internal pressure of eyes because of the abnormal flow of fluid within the eye. It can even occur when there is less blood flow in the optic nerve. The person affected has problems with side and night vision.

Thus, consult eye doctors Houston to get regular eye check up to keep your eyes healthy.

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