Get Better Sleep at Night with L-theanine

L-theanine is a type of amino acid which is commonly found in tea leaves and to a small extent in Bay Bolete mushrooms. When we talk about tea leaves, it can be traced both in green and black tea. You will also find this supplement in the form of pill or tablet in many drugstores. Studies say L-theanine helps you relax without any drowsiness. Many of the people depend on this supplement to help them unwind and ease stress. But before you finally buy the product, you should have a fair idea about its potential benefits and dosage.

Amazing benefits

Considering the fantastic perks listed below you should decide to buy l theanine immediately:

  • Gives relief from anxiety and stress – As per the research, L-theanine can deal with the fear of high level in people who are entirely stressed out. It is also seen to increase the level of relaxation without any drowsiness or alteration in the heart rate.
  • Increased focus – If combined with caffeine, it can improve your attention, focus and reduce tiredness. Studies prove that even a moderate level of about 97 to 40mg can be helpful in this regard.
  • Better immunity – Some studies say, L-theanine can improve the immunity system of our body. It is also known to minimize the frequency of the infections of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Treatment of cancer and tumor – Some researchers say that the L-theanine found in the Bay Bolete mushroom can improve the efficiency of some of the chemotherapy drugs. It is also expected to enhance the ability of chemotherapy in fighting cancer. Also, frequent drinkers of tea are less prone to disease.
  • Controlling the blood pressure – L-theanine is beneficial for people with increased blood pressure caused due to a high level of stress.
  • Improves sleep quality – About 250 to 400mg of L-theanine can help you get a right amount of sleep and offer relaxation for people with schizophrenia.
  • Relief from sinusitis – If you are suffering from sinusitis, L-theanine can help you get relief. It boosts the movement of cilia in the nose. Cilia are the hair strands that clear the mucus and gets aggravated with infection.

Recommended dosage

The ideal recommended dosage of L-Theanine is around 100 to 200 mg which should be taken once or twice in a day. Since L-Theanine does not have any negative impact, some people even go for higher doses to build more of protein. But ideally, a high treatment is not recommended. Like most other drugs you should start with a low dose and then eventually increase to a certain extent.

Buy online

The best place to buy L-theanine is the online stores. Making your purchase from these online stores is not only convenient, but you also get them at a reasonable price. Some sites also have the option of money back guarantee. The fast shipping process due to which you receive the product in a short period is another striking feature. The only thing you should be aware of is, to make your purchase from a reputed trustworthy website.

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