Cosmetic Surgery and Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines today are as common, or even more common, than prescription drugs for most people. Within my Indiana cosmetic surgery practice, the majority of my cosmetic people are taking a minumum of one herbal supplement. For many, the idea of using herbal medicines is they can’t hurt and may only help. And also, since they do not require a prescription, it’s natural to think that they just do not pose any health problems. As a result, herbal medications are assumed safe.

A current report within the March/April issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal finds that nearly 1 / 2 of cosmetic surgery patients used herbal medicines within the days before their approaching surgery. A number of these include such ginkgo biloba, ginseng, garlic clove, echinacea, and valerian root. Most sufferers have no idea these supplements might have negative effects that are very highly relevant to surgery including interaction along with other medications (anesthetic drugs) and difference in a person’s capability to clot correctly. Even though the harmful negative effects of some herbal medicines happen to be broadly publicized, many patients don’t fully appreciate the significance of discontinuing these treatments before surgery. In addition, the unregulated manufacturing standards and insufficient product rules for the whole supplement industry can establish herbal medicines whose quality and actual contents vary significantly. More often than not, nobody can tell what’s really inside individuals tablets.

Consequently, Provided my patients before surgery an extensive listing of supplements that must definitely be prevented within the days pre and post surgery to reduce potential surgical complications. Stopping certain herbal medicines before surgery is equally as critical as stopping aspirin, ibuprofen, or plavix. You ought to quit taking them two days before as well as for 1 week after any major cosmetic surgery method that requires an anesthetic and it is not only a small operation.

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